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Try this

This simply and powerful technique can be used in every aspect of your life (professional, personal, sport, studies, etc) and I use this daily in my morning meditations for achieving a full, dynamic and rewarding day…

Find a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed for a while.

Close your eyes, breath in slowly and hold for a second. Let your breath out slower and as you do, create an image of yourself in your mind.

As you casually breathe in and out, inspect this image of yourself and ask yourself what you like in what you see. Is there any way you could improve on these qualities? If so, change them slightly until you are pleased with the changes. Once you have made that change. In your mind’s eye play this ‘new you’ with these new qualities to see how you respond. Do you like what you see? Replay this several times until you are fluid in your movements, reaction, etc of the image you see of yourself.

Now you know how this works with improving your qualities, you can now improve on things that are holding you back. How would you like to be. As before, what qualities would you like. As before once you have decided on your new qualities, play this ‘new you’ in your mind until if becomes fluent.

Next, step into this new you as though you are in this fantastic person and run this new experience again in your/their mind’s eye, but this time see what this ‘new you’ sees, feel what you feel differently and hear what you hear differently (maybe you even have a different taste in your mouth and smell success differently and really participate in your mind’s eye as though you are really in that situation.

As you come to an end, visualise this ‘new you’ as you breathe in and experience the success as you breathe out.

How is this ‘new you’ different to before? If you can, put this new mental experience into practice and let me know what you think…

Ideas to help:

  • If you think there is too much to change or don’t have enough time, then work on one improvement per sitting. It’s better to take smaller steps than none at all.
  • You have problems visualising yourself. Nowadays most mobiles have a camera and ask someone to film you. Replay the film until you can recreate it in your mind’s eye. Slowly make small changes to your image until you see what changes you have made.
  • You may find that time isn’t sufficient. Simply a couple of minutes a day help in making small changes. We can all find time, it’s a matter of priority. Make your mental changes a priority and notice the powerful changes you experience.

If you have questions or experiences, please let me know. It would be great to hear from you.