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The Psychedelics Explorer’s Guide

The Psychedelics Explorer’s Guide by James Fadiman

This book proved its weight in gold in helping me to prepare for each session, as a sitter and how to use psychedelics for therapy, fun and creativity. Each essentially follows a known pattern of events and once this is understood, it really helps to know how to prepare, when to take, how to think when working through issues or to enhance creativity.

One important point I want to highlight is the preparation of the question that needs to be asked. Keep it simple, focus on one issue and word it so that there is a bit of flexibility for your sub-conscious to work with. A question example I have found to be useful is to ask something like: What do I need to realise, to understand and learn from, so that I can release XXX completely from me?

Or if you aren’t sure what the issue could be, another example: What do I need to realise, to understand and to learn from that is restricting me the most in life?

If you are considering being a sitter to someone else, but your experience is practically non-existent, this book explains beautifully how to react when needed, what questions to ask if the person under the influence is struggling at any point, and how to behave through the whole session. Believe me, understanding this, in theory, is one thing, however, in practice, remaining calm and supportive in this new environment is quite a surprise. Well, it was for me!

For creativity, this is a wonderful tool. Maybe it’s a work project that isn’t progressing, difficulties pleasing the customer, considering a new career avenue, or blasting through a writer’s block for a new or existing piece of work.

The material can be a bit dry sometimes, however, the effort is worth it.