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Regardless of which sport you are actively interested in, it is known that mental techniques play an important role, whether you are amateur or professional. Simply said, the professional has more powerful mental techniques than the amateur, yet the top professionals have even more powerful mental techniques than those slighty or significantly worse than them.

But what is that difference that make a difference mentally and physically?

Try this simple, yet powerful technique to help improve your sports performance.

But this isn’t it the only one. There are many more techniques to help you mentally and physically in your sport/profession. Some examples are:

  • your technique goes wrong and leaves you distracted. How do you get back in the zone and in control?
  • you are simply distracted and performance is weak. How do you change that blocking point to keep you highly focused for longer?
  • your team players are letting you down. How do you get them back to a high level of focus and skill as a team member?
  • you are not participating in a team sport and are struggling. How do you bring yourself back to lead the competition?
  • technique improvement. Every performer needs to improve something regardless of how good they are. What techniques are available to ensure the right technique is used to enhanced performance?
  • there are occasions when there seems to be no solution, but one of the most powerful techniques of all, but rarely shown, allows the professional to always have the right resources available mentally and physically to win first prize.

The above points is just the start of using powerful techniques in being the best. Who doesn’t want to be the best in their chosen field?

Our coaching sessions are broken into two parts. The first part is a specialised session to ensure you are mentally prepared for the techniques, this is key foundation work for the forthcoming techniques to be successful. Once you are mentally ready to learn these techniques then over a regular period we meet to ensure each of the necessary steps required for you are understood and followed. Only when one technique is fully grasped are you ready to progress to the next level.

Why do I do this in steps? If I show you too much, there is a possibility something is forgotten. Secondly, from experience, a performance improvement has a physical effect on the body. Your body needs to adjust and develop a new improved and highly refined unconscious routine. Again, by doing too many mental techniques could hinder your key feedback system, thus taking longer to successfully implement.

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