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people respond to their map of reality, not to reality itself

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What is a Personal / Professional Breakthrough session and what happens?

A Personal / Professional Breakthrough session is an intensive 1 day coaching session that rapidly show you how to change and achieve significant results in your Personal / Professional growth and development. By using the most advanced tools in change technology within NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy, you are shown how to drive you to your Personal / Professional life goals. A Personal / Professional Breakthrough session is built around you and your needs and through a 1-2-1 session with me, your master coach, to focus purely on you. An example is we work on setting your power goals, removing or changing any limitations you have, and showing you powerful tools to help you in those situations you may not have planned for to keep you one step ahead of the rest.

What would you want to change if you were having a Personal / Professional Breakthrough session with me? What life goals do you want that you haven’t achieved yet? Do you want a new start in life? Or do you want to put something completely behind you that’s holding you back? Do you want to take control of your life, but don’t know how? Each of us is born designed to succeed, and I others can rise from nothing, then you can rise out of your old ashes too!

Why have a Personal / Professional Breakthrough session?

Maybe you find yourself in a life circle you have noticed repeating itself over and over again and maybe you are frustrated with your life that it’s going nowhere. Maybe you find yourself saying or thinking: • I wish I could… • I want this, but I want that too. • If only I could find a way to… • I wish I could just forget the past and let go… • I don’t know why I feel the way I do. • Why do I keep making the same mistakes? • I can’t deal with it. I wish it would just go away. • I don’t deserve anything good happening to me. • Why does this always happen to me? • How do other people manage it, but not me? • etc

Why a Breakthrough session with Changing-Solutions?

I have over a decade of experience in changing many people’s lives successfully through coaching, guidance and counselling. I have an intense range of experience gathered from the international leaders in the field of NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line and other powerful techniques that I have used fully and completely to change my life. All my personal experience of receiving a Breakthrough has been used to take you one step further where I wasn’t supported, so you “hit the road running” quicker than a standard Breakthrough session. It’s an intensive and long day and you leave motivated with powerful goals and several extra tools in your back pocket for those moments that don’t go to plan. And we all know; nothing goes to plan all the time. I want you fully prepared! I want you with the key strategies and beliefs in place so you can only succeed.

How do I know they work?

I needed a Breakthrough session in my past from an excellent master practitioner that follows the standard. But I needed more support the Breakthrough couldn’t give me and spent months searching internationally for more help. And I found it. So, all of these tools and techniques not normally available are now waiting for you. And if you are asking yourself how this has changed my life – I am reaching and surpassing my personal and professional goals quicker than I have ever done before I worked through my limiters. Not only that, I love helping those who want to realise their potential to reach it. I also have many years of business consultancy and taking small and large businesses that one step further. I have achieved personal goals and experiences I have previously never dreamt of before and I still have many wonderful goals ahead of me. There is no real limit to our dreams and capabilities if you know how. And I will show you the most powerful way possible!

What do you come away with after a Breakthrough session?

Remember one point; you are already have success in your life (regardless of how large or small) and I am taking you towards your limits for your life you want to improve. I will also show you how to continuously improve on this on a regular basis with powerful tools and techniques that are perfect for the rest of your life. We focus on your blockages, limitations, unhelpful beliefs and releasing any issues hold you back from the past. Maybe you’ve known about these issues for many years or they become apparent in the session, it doesn’t matter, we crack them and have you motivated towards your goals!

Example of benefits you will notice are: • Increased self-confidence, performance, motivation, efficiency and decision making. • Improved self-management and time-management. • Improved confidence in relationships, colleagues, dealing with difficult people and new people. • Fuller clarity of what is important to you and how to change as your life goals change. • Freedom from negative emotions like anger, fear, hurt, guilt and sadness. • Removal of fears and anxiety. • Stopping of bad habits like smoking, weight control, obsessive behaviour. • Creating a motivating inner voice and dealing with negative commentary from others. • Creating a compelling future and how to update it. • Determining your life values and living by them. • Powerful goals and how to update them once you have reached/excelled them.

Maybe it’s now time to find the ‘real’ you and live your life to the full.

How does a Breakthrough session work?

Before we meet I need some information from you over a telephone call of Skype. To help me further to prepare, I will ask you to complete a questionnaire to help me design your session further. On the day we clarify what you want and you are in full agreement of what we are going to do. We can say the session is broken into three parts, but remember this is a very general overview: You learn specific and powerful mental techniques the best of the best in the world use (presidents, leaders, musicians, authors, actors, business men and women, etc). We then work through a series of tools and techniques I show you how to best utilise for this session and in your life as and when you need them. The last part is testing and reconfirming you are who you want to be, how to deal with those moments that don’t go your way and how to keep focussed. We will fine-tune any areas needed to make sure you take with you a completely new you!

We carry all this out in one day.

It can be a long, powerful and life-changing day and we carry on until we have covered all aspects and wants. No if and buts. You leave with powerful goals and exceptional tools and a newly motivated you! Once this is complete, you will get on with your new life and carry out other exercises as discussed in the session.

We will also follow up with 2 hours of coaching through Skype or telephone to make sure you are still progressing and to help you out with any new ways of thinking you may have.

What to do next?

Would you like to experience this life changing experience that is already taking many others to a new realm and life? Do you not want to be left behind professionally or personally and do you want to excel your current life’s potential? Call me and leave a message and I will ring you back, or drop me an email and we can discuss what happens next. Once you have committed to a session and we have a date agreed then I will send you an email pack for you to prepare yourself. After that, well, the sky is the limit!

PTSD work using NLP

PTSD means ‘Post Traumatic Stress Disorder’ and is categorised as an anxiety disorder caused by very stressful, frightening and distressing events. I consider this to be an emotional response to the experience, where the trauma is not classified as an experience and is classified as a learnt sequence by associating into a strong negative emotion of synaesthesia that usually are experienced as ‘larger than life’.

Examples of PTSD root causes are: • Military combat • Terrorist attack • Serious road/transport accidents • Natural disasters, earthquakes, flooding, etc • Held as hostage • Seeing a violent death • Personal assault: sexual, physical, mugging, robbery • Extreme fear: horror, helplessness

The effect of PTSD can occur instantly or up to several months after an event.

Typical symptoms include recurring flashbacks, blocking or numbing of traumatic event, high level of anxiety, permanent distress, nightmares, anger flare-ups, breakdown, numbness, self-reprisal, and trigger reminders within daily life, insomnia, withdrawing from society, deep depression, over-alertness as well as others.

All this can be paralysing for the victim and essentially end their normal life within society altogether.

PTSD NLP Session

This session is broken over two days and is handled completely differently to a Breakthrough or other sessions. The problems the victim is going through is multi-layered within the ways they process the event. Each layer needs to be assessed and handled separately and to bring the results together at the end of the session. Although the session is equal to a long day, I find from experience it is better to break this up over two days: the changes experiences are powerful and I find overnight processing help significantly for the second day.

Since no two PTSD assessments are the same, although symptoms are similar, it is not possible to have a fixed structure (even a loose one) as with a Breakthrough session (even that’s fine-tuned per client), however simply said, there are around 12-15 key steps (including V-KD work) with many little key steps in between.

Also from experience, a couple of follow up session as I do with a Breakthrough is not enough and tend to work closely with the client over a period of a year and longer, if necessary.

All sessions are confidential and should you wish, you may bring a support person with you to be present through the whole session over the two days.

Also, please note: if at any time you want to stop an activity or session, you have full control. If afterwards you are feeling worse than before the session, we can simply put everything back to as it was, so you have the best of options to you.

What can you expect from a session?

Each case and client have different results; however you can expect: • Significant reduction of frequency and intensity of symptomatic and traumatic responses to those stressful events. • Less to no anger flare-ups. • Significant reduction or elimination of nightmares, sweats, etc. • Significant reduction to elimination of anxiety attacks. • Significant reduction to elimination of guilt, survivor’s guilt, fear and shame. • Significant reduction to elimination of depression, distress, breakdowns, numbness, self-reprisal. • Significant reduction to elimination of insomnia.

A common question: Will I be cured?

Firstly, there is no cure. In my opinion not even for most illness and with use of medicine. I’m giving you tools to try out and use on a daily basis. What happened, has happened and I do not recommend deleting these events – they are a major part of your life and have moulded you in positive ways. By removing the event, your body and mind have to re-go through a stressful adjustment again. It’s better to understand you life experiences differently than you are now. Let me use an analogy of a cooked egg, if I may: Once an egg has been cooked, you can’t uncook it. Once you have been through a traumatic experience, you cannot unlive it. What you can do is to change your emotional interpretation of it, so you can look back on it neutrally.

This was my problem with PTSD. I was categorised as DSM5 – ‘A’ and ‘D’ stress criterion. I went through an NLP ‘Breakthrough’ and although we made major progress, it left me vulnerable searching how to do the rest of the repair work (this is not the fault of my practitioner – he didn’t know my PTSD category). I found the tools and promptly started re-aligning all open issues. Although I offer a Breakthrough session, it isn’t thorough enough for someone suffering from PTSD. Since working further with other experts and on myself, I have amassed a large collection of powerful tools and techniques, and based on my, and other clients’ experiences, work in ensuring all avenues are explored before you are allowed to leave. There is a lot of bad press in the internet of NLP doing more harm than good. I know what it did to me and I don’t want this to happen to someone else.

Through our session, I will be constantly checking you are okay, and we will only use the techniques you feel comfortable with. We take regular pauses and assess everything all the way. Even at the end of the two days, the change work is just at the beginning where you need to constantly work at making all these useful new tools a fully automatic response. Your transition time can take from hours to days to weeks to months.

If, at any point we decide this isn’t for you, then we stop, completely. PTSD is not something light to play around with. More damage can be done if someone isn’t experienced enough.

What next?

Call me if you wish to discuss any questions and concerns you may have and I will gladly help you. Once you decide this is for you, then we can plan how best to progress for you.

OCD work with NLP

OCD means Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder that is classified as an anxiety disorder where sufferers have unwanted and repeated thoughts, feeling, sensations and behaviours. The pattern the suffer tends to follow is by running the process ritual until the obsessive thought disappears enough for them to progress with their life again. It affects people in their childhood into adulthood due to some specific event that has happened in the past.

Examples of OCD are: Types of contamination or radiation, unwanted sexual thoughts or obsession thereof, fear of losing control or is a situation that is harmful to you, obsession with religion, self and other harm, superstition, perfectionism.

For a more comprehensive list, please refer to this excellent website: https://iocdf.org/about-ocd/

There are many good resources in the internet if you are searching for more information. What happens in a session? Firstly, no two sessions are alike since several factors may affect the onset and continuation of OCD, although similarities are apparent. I spend some time understanding your behaviour and its related items and once we are in agreement with what we have found out and how to progress, do we start. As with PTSD, if at any point, you wish to stop or not carry out an exercise, that is fine and we will stop. If you feel you want to stop with the session altogether, that is fine we will stop.

My aim of your session

My aim in this session is to suggest various tools to help you deal with OCD and if as a bonus it disappears, then the better. I work through a session over two days and treat this with the upmost seriousness and confidentiality. I also want to give you the tools to help you achieve other goals in life where OCD has stopped you to date. If, at the end, or after several days, you feel worse, then we will remove all the work carried out. That way you have the best option available to you. After our two-day session, we will remain in regular contact and fine-tune or show you new tools for new situations as and when required.

What next?

Please contact me to discuss your problem and how you think I can help you. Once we have agreed a way forward, I will send you information to complete before we meet to help in deciding the right way to progress.

What can you help me with to put those experiences behind me once and for all?

This section is useful to you if you feel as though you have no way forward, life is in a dead end, or maybe you feel you have used all resources and don’t know where to turn next. Is there something you suffer from something that is not mentioned below? If so, call me. There are so many things I could include, but then it makes the list too long to read. I know I can help you break this mould and give you what you want.

• Do you dwell in the past? • Do you procrastinate? • Do you feel constantly under pressure? • Do you want to change, but don’t know how? • Do you think your life is directionless? • Do you lack self-confidence?

• Do you feel depressed? • Do you feel suicidal? • Do you feel permanently tired? • Do you feel constantly feel ill? • Do you feel life is too much? • Do you isolate yourself? • Do you suffer from anxiety?

• Did you suffer a difficult childhood? • Were you abused mentally or physically as a child? • Did and you feel alone and can’t turn to anyone? • Do you wish you could get closer to others? • Do you fear approaching others in simple situations? • Do or did you suffer a difficult marriage? • Do you fear getting into another relationship or letting other get close to you? • Are you mentally or physically at risk?

• Do you want to change your eating habits? • Do you suffer from eating disorders? • Do you want to lose/put on weight? • Do you suffer from other disorders/drink? • Do you no longer know what is right or wrong regarding healthy eating? • Do you suffer from guilt, shame, anger, grief, and/or confused? • Do you want to deal with your allergies?

• Do you have a low self-esteem? • Do you tend to not do something because you think you can’t? • Do you live a lonely life because you think others aren’t interested in you? • Do you want to make friends? • Do you want a close and healthy relationship? • Do you comfort eat? • Do you have some experience in your past that’s holding you back? • Do you want to break the mould, but think you’re not worth it? • Do you constantly put yourself down?

• Do you suffer from a life threatening /crippling illness? • Do you believe that illness is caused by past experiences that still has a hold on you? • Do you want to change the way you think to health in fighting against your illness? • Do you believe illnesses are extreme markers that can be controlled through having a healthy mind?

• Do you want to rescue your relationship/marriage? • Do you suffer doubt? • Do you suffer from a lack of self-worth? • Do you want to find a partner to love you and stay with? • Do you want to be more sociable? • Do you want to control your nerves when around others? • Do you want to control your anger, jealousy, shyness, traumatic memories, etc? • Do you want to appear more calm and confident? • Do you suffer from Phobias that stop you from living your life?

• Do you and your partner argue a lot? • Do you and your partner have conflicting values? • Are you painfully shy and it’s crippling you from getting on with your life? • Do you have a mental / physical blockage that you think is stopping you from living your life? • Are you in a wheelchair or bed-bound that stops you getting on with your life or appreciating what you have?

A New Future? There are many new phases in our lives and we do nothing in preparing for it. But what can you do to be prepared? What are you looking for?

A new promotion: – In current company. – In a new company. – Aiming for fast-track. – Public speaking at work and in front of important customers. – Winning new business. – Bringing the best out of your new team and management. – Being highly motivated.

A new career: – A complete change in career direction. – Going self-employed and how to ensure success. – Winning business. – Setting powerful business plan for optimal results. – Driving your staff for excellence every day. Difficult work situation you keep losing and don’t know what to do: – You lose in arguments – You are spoken over – Your opinions are ignored – You can’t say “No” – You miss that promotion – You are picked on from others (colleagues/management) – You are not motivated, driven, focused – You get the worst jobs/activities – Others not interested in you professionally/personally – You are picked on / bullied, not assertive enough

Sport enhancement – Improving amateur level – Going semi-professional – Going professional – Getting to the top – Getting ‘in-the-zone’ and perfecting your technique, etc – Remaining highly motivated through all situations.

Life change – Leaving school and want to get the best from university / self-start up. – Finished school/university and want the best start possible. – Going for interview and want to impress. – Career change and how to best progress with the right frame of mind. – Going self-employed and how to have the right frame of mind. – Reached middle age and need to find that new drive. – Retiring and preparing for amazing new goals. – Being introverted or painfully shy and want to use this as a benefit? – Being an extrovert and want to learn to communicate to all?

Each intensive 1-2-1 coaching session is tuned specifically to what you need with specific ground-breaking tools to take the necessary and powerful changes for you to reach and excel your goals. Maybe you don’t know what life-dreams and/or goals you want or how to go about excelling them quickly. That’s fine.

Together I work with you to help you get the best goals possible and how to use the NLP tools that world leaders use help you to continue growing beyond your goals and reach the outstanding levels you have only ever dreamed of. Together, we will determine and prioritise your life values, goals and aspirations for your new you, you naturally deserve.

Don’t you need to be a specialist in my sport, career or life direction to help me achieve what I want? What I have are a collection of proven tools that enable you to achieve what you want. I show you what the greatest sports stars, artists, actors, authors, etc are using to get them to the top of their field. I will show you how to get the best from your training and trainer every time. I will show you how to increase your chances of promotion at work and how to get an outstanding career, earn your financial goals and reach parts of the world you only thought were for the rich.

How often do we need to meet regardless if it’s for sport, career or personal improvement? That’s up to you. I recommend doing an intensive 3 to 5-day session together first to ensure we have removed all possible mental blocks, determined your personal goals that will challenge you to be number 1 in your field, set a plan in place and shown you how to drive yourself each and every day to this extraordinary excellence. Thereafter, I recommend we meet up at regular agreed intervals to build on what you have already done to keep you in-the-zone, review the techniques to ensure optimal progression, personal value assessment, and to introduce other necessary techniques that takes you one step further than your competition.

Are other competitors using similar techniques? Most probably. Generally, if you see a competitor psyching themselves up (and not just in sport – TV, filming, career – before big meetings, etc, businessmen, etc) then they are probably using a least one of the amazing techniques I will show you, which you will be able to use powerfully in minutes.

What sets you out from other experts in the field? There are many great coaching experts out there in showing techniques to other competitors, but in the end few ever make it to the top. I know from my own experience that all the techniques in the world are brilliant if you have the complete right frame of mind. I focus on this as well. Very few people don’t need to focus on this part of enhancement, but the majority do, and is often overlooked. Only when we know we have a completely free mind, like the best in any activity have, can we show you how to use such powerful techniques effectively to take you to the top. There are no limits. Will I be energised every day? Most definitely! We show you several daily tricks on how to clear your mind, create drive and potency, confidence and congruency and helpfulness. We will even show you how to motivate yourself in difficult situations or in times of unsureness.

I know from your previous work, you are a strong believer of not doing things alone, but how can I reach my goals with other people? Whatever you do and achieve in life, you do on your own. Only you is ultimately responsible for all your actions and inactions in life. Nobody else takes these responsibilities away from you without you letting them. What I mean is that you need someone to confide in, discuss, and share your growth. This is a big mistake I have done not working with someone in my past with dire consequences. Even in this business I’m working with another excellent and experienced partners where my knowledge is weaker and this is helping me to expand in leaps and bounds. You don’t need to have a business partner like I have, but someone you can trust to talk things through.

If you are a sports person you probably have a trainer, coach, and colleagues you can work as a team in reaching the top. In business, you may have a trusting colleagues, managers, friends or partners that helps you to excel your targets.

If you are an aspiring actor, artist or author you may have close friends or colleagues you can trust in honing your skills.

For all cases above, it doesn’t mean you have to tell them everything you are doing, or being involved in every step, but by having those useful resources behind you can help you as much as you can help them. But how to choose wisely… this I will show you how to consider as well.

If you are going to show us how to be energised and ‘in-the-zone’ I take it you are hyperactive and a constant source of life? Actually, no. I’m quite introverted and like to stay in the background. When we meet, I am usually calm and collected. I’ve found a balance for me. That means I’m not in the centre, but I don’t have to be nor want to be. I am, however, focussed and know exactly what I want in life and I get it.

I’m also introverted, can you also show me how to be what I want to be? Definitely! You don’t need to be the centre of attention to be the best. Many times it’s the dark horse that has the best opportunities in life…

I have a physical / mental disadvantage, surely this will stop me achieving my life goals? So have I, so the answer is no! I know I can’t be anything special with my legs (which is apparent when you meet me) and it took a long time in my life to realise I had major limiting beliefs and mixed up priorities that stopped me from progressing and living my dream. And those limiting beliefs now no longer exist, which allows me to reach my life-long dreams, goals and aspirations.

Hey! I’m extroverted, what about me? And for you, too! Both an introvert and extrovert have specific advantages to get what they want and it’s also good to know and understand how the others think and work and which tools are necessary in bringing out the best of any situation, just like the best of the best.

Are these techniques difficult to learn? These techniques are simple to learn and many you will take away to use in moments of need in the field. All areas in or life are based on processes we have developed from our childhood and many we still use to our detriment. I’m showing you how to remove the ‘unhelpful’ processes and replace them with ‘powerful’ processes for you to hit your goals, dreams and aspirations.

How long does this take? I generally recommend we meet the whole day on the first session so we can develop a powerful mind and remove any doubts, blockages, limiting beliefs, etc. Then for the remaining four days we get into the nitty-gritty and I will show you some powerful techniques to change you to your purest aspirations. In the following days we go through powerful techniques to ensure they are fully implemented and understood for optimal impact. This is best to discuss over the telephone to find out what you want and what doubts may exist. We tune each session to your needs. There is one expectancy I have of you, and that is you need a committed and attitude. I will be showing you techniques you may not understand and I need this commitment from you for your best results. Can you give me that?

Where are you in your life and dreams? I am living my life how I have always dreamt of, but it wasn’t handed to me on a plate. Nothing was. I have had to work very hard in getting here over the last 50 years and have had to climb horrendous mountains and learn a lot of home truths along the way. My story I will tell you more when we have our first session.

Do I need a coach, practitioner or councillor?

Each of these roles have a specific function, but a good one never sticks with one role only, even when it appears clear-cut on which role is needed. All three are needed at different times within your session. So what are they and what do they do?

The best description I have ever come across is: A coach helps you reach your future; A practitioner helps you work with the past, and; A councillor helps you deal with the here and now.

Usually one role takes the predominant lead and I will swing from one role to the other several times in a session as I want the best for you. If you are unsure, call me and we can quickly find out what the best approach is for your challenge. Even though we may select one of the above, to ensure you get the best out of our session(s), I will play the other roles as and when necessary.

Death and Suicide

Have you considered: – Suicide – Self-harm – Harming of others

Or are you suffering from: – Depression – Loneliness – Terminal illness

Have you: – lost someone really close – missed out in saying goodbye – Wish you had said something else – Felt powerless and just did not know what to do? – Maybe you feel powerless and don’t know what to do?

If any of the points above relate to you and you need someone to talk to so you can work through issues, regrets, fears and/or feeling completely lost, then please ring me and we can arrange a time to meet and I can either be simply an ear to listen or show you a way through this difficult time, handling regrets you may have and that there is a wonderful you inside and how to find yourself again.

For those who want to remove those past blockages, I recommend a Break-through/Soft-through session to find that key element(s) so you can understand its paralysing cause. We will also help you to get a completely different opinion of it for you if you wish. Not much time left in this life, but need to get something off your chest These are some of worst things that can happen to someone, especially when you either think there are no more options in life or your life is quickly coming to an end and want to tie up those loose ends you would prefer to keep confidential.

Death Nobody knows when or how we are going to die, all we can do is live our life to the full with the resources we have, even when that horrendous illness is closing in on us.

Suicide And as I know from my own experience, life sometimes doesn’t always show you what resources are available when life is really difficult. The only resource seems to be one; the way out. Oh, how it hurts with only one apparent option in front of you and not been able to see what you really have, nor the new ones further in the future due to that blackness and heaviness where you can’t go on any further. I would love to say to just simply ride through it and all will become clear later, but, we know it isn’t always that easy. That it is the grimmest it has ever been. Blacker than ever before and the courage to carry on just doesn’t seem to be there anymore. Please carry on fighting, call me and let’s work through this together.

Self-infliction This is really a terrible thing to do to yourself and unfortunately your lack of self-worth is really at a low. We’ve all punished ourselves in some way, but self-infliction is something that nobody deserves. My heart goes out to you. Would you like to understand and stop this unnecessary activity and allow yourself to love and be loved. You deserve this. Not only does my experience lie from my own challenges I have faced in life, but with the experience gained from other extensive client situations and specialised training to ensure I help you find the right way forward, how to listen and support in such delicate circumstances. As with all my sessions, the upmost confidentiality is always held.

Note: If you are feeling you have no options and you don’t know what to do, please speak with someone, ideally a specialist, your doctor, a councillor or the Samaritans in your local area who can really help you face this difficult time. If you don’t feel you can speak to a stranger, then please speak with a friend or neighbour you can trust. As worse, sharing this problem, will help you get a different perspective. My heart is with you all the way.


In treating illness, I would cross a very delicate line of breaking the law in various countries I have practiced, so I never treat the illness directly and I never ‘cure’ anyone of their illness or problems. What I do is to show you where your blockages could (I am a firm believer that illness has a mental cause, a past event that has created some internal mental pain) and show you how to deal with them. I work with you to review your previous issue(s) (past events, etc) through a Breakthrough and I show you how to change that inner emotion(s) and limiting belief(s) completely through NLP, Time Line and hypnosis.

If you wish to discuss with me first whether you think I could help you to use these powerful techniques, please call me personally and we can discuss what we could do and when we could start to help you. If you are suffering from pain, I will show you some techniques how to help you relieve that pain as much as possible drugs free, whether you are suffering from injury, migraine, phantom limb, etc.

If you suffer from epilepsy or other blinding neurological problem, please contact me and I will show you some techniques on how to alleviate these issue should another attack occur. Q&A I suffer from a multitude of illnesses and take many medications. Should I stop them when we are working through my history? Definitely not! You are on your medication and the chemicals are having an effect on you. Please speak to your doctor and let him or her know you want to work with me. As soon as you notice any changes after our breakthrough session(s), then please speak to your doctor so he or she can assess what medical reductions are needed.

I’ve had lifelong problems, surely NLP won’t help me, will it? I always like to make an assessment first. Among several things I want to know if you want to change your circumstance and that you believe a breakthrough session will help you. Simply put, if you don’t want to change and/ or don’t think it will work for you, then I would advise you not to go through a session.

I’ve seen an NLP specialist before, but it didn’t help. What makes you different? I take my time to ensure you have totally understood your problem and that you totally implement the solution.

With what medical illnesses can you cure? I would like to repeat again. I can’t cure. There is a powerful theory, with lot of supportive material, that we cause our own illnesses through diet and past experiences. We work with your bad past experiences and you work through them (pain-free) to release those health blockages. There is also a second theory, which I also strongly believe in is that whenever there is something wrong with our body, it sends us a signal through a marker that something is wrong. In today’s world we tend to ignore these markers and tend to take a tablet to alleviate the pain, mask the marker, etc. This marker then grows and becomes more apparent for us to assess our health more critically. Unfortunately, if these markers are continually ignored, then they can kill us either quickly or slowly. We need to be aware and listen to these health markers too.

Can you help me with nutrition? We have a specialised nutritionist upon request, will work with you to review your current eating habits and help you to choose the optimal diet for you. If you wish, she will remain in close contact supporting you through your ongoing dietary and health changes over time. This support is required especially if you have tried to diet before and failed. However, I have found with all my clients that if there is a major health change involved, we reach 100% success.

What medical illnesses do you consider? Again, we tend not to look at the illness directly, although we do consider its root cause. It’s best to call us and ask us directly on how we can help you.

Mid-Life Crisis

We all go through some form of Mid-life crisis at some time in our life, some younger than others and some more intensive. And it’s when they start to reflect their past life, their current situation and their future. We know from some fantastic films that it’s possible to lose control, destroy a marriage, family, work, career, friends, finances and life. I think I have covered everything here!

Let’s not call it a crisis. Let’s call it a mid-life challenge.

But it’s a great time for reflection, a re-assessment of personal values, and I know this has helped me to take a completely different view of my life and live the dreams I want. Okay, I’m not a multi-millionaire, I don’ have a Porsche, but they’re not important to me. What is important to me, is stronger than ever and through this strength, I can take some of those steps that are crying out to me from my past. And do you know what? By working through each of those mid-life crisis emotions, I can now drive my life more powerfully than before. You may ask why I didn’t start earlier. I did, but I wasn’t ready for that final step. I our session I will tell you my story that completely changed my life. It wasn’t a 24-hour change and for many people need longer (from hours to days to weeks to years) to change and restructure their life.

My mid-life is different. I was never happy in my marriage from the start. How can you help me? You may never have been happy, but knowing it’s time to do something is that springboard to determining what to do about it. We also have to remember we are all human and your partner (and children) has emotions too. If you change your way of life, how are you going to do this that gets what you want, keeps their integrity intact and to ensure your children (and/or others) are affected minimally.

I hate my husband and I don’t care what he has to go through. Why should I listen to you to make it easier for him? This is a good question. Either you are still with your partner because there is a financial bond, children involved or you still haven’t found out how to leave them. It’s this last point that could be the highly emotional part and this is probably stopping you from leaving.

I want to buy a Harley Davidson, but my wife won’t let me. Should I buy it without telling her? That’s not a question I can answer. But what we can do is to assess your mid-life challenge and help you to understand and work with it. We will develop an intensive coaching session built around some very powerful NLP techniques for you to get the most out of life and be even closer to your wife. You never know, she may even support you in owning a HD! On the other hand, many of our clients get something more out of their sessions and their marriage.

We want children, but my biological clock is running/ran out. It’s destroying our relationship. How can you help? In some cases, it’s better for both to come to a coaching session together, however, working through this separately gives successful results on how to deal with not having the children you want and what the possible options are for you both to work with. Please contact me and let’s discuss what we can do to help you work this one out.

What is your experience and passion?

I, like you, have gone through several steps in life to get where I am, and have made mistakes and had immense challenges on the way. It’s through these life experiences and challenges I discovered NLP, hypnosis, Time Line Therapy, (lie detection and body language reading came later in life), made me decide become an expert in these fields and completed my training as Master Practitioner in NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy more than a decade ago where I have learnt from some of the best instructors in the UK and US thus has helped me to gain most of my experience working with private clients on a 1-2-1 that can be broken into different areas: • There is nothing better and more satisfying seeing a client take a confident hold of his life and start to live their dreams and aspirations. One area I take great care in is working with those unfortunate people who have had some of the worst starts to life possible, in helping them deal with those devastating past issues, to put those horrendous experiences behind them and allow them to integrate into society with more self-appreciation and self-value. • I also worked with those who want to make a career change, training of body language and communication to ensure an interview/contract is won, how to lead teams and difficult people, how to manage managers, and much more. • I work closely with companies HR departments covering human lie detection, presentation skills (communication) and how to influence according to a person’s response. • I work those who want to enter professional sport and each excel with the limit of their own thinking. And their own thinking is strongly challenged to make sure we are pushing boundaries to reach true limits. • It gives me immense pleasure when I work with people who think a disability is a hindrance to life and they have ‘nothing going for them’. That’s not the case. For those who know me I have several physical disabilities, but it hasn’t stopped me living my life to the full. It took me a while until I understood what a disability wasn’t. So if I can achieve what I have with my disabilities, then anyone can achieve their dreams too! • I support those who fear death and don’t have much time left either simply by providing an ear to listen, or a sounding board to vent, to show them how to handle regrets and those still unforgiven. We also have fantastic discussions about life and the wondrous and scary experiences they have gone through. • I work closely, for those who need something different, those who have ran out of resources and contemplated taking their life. It’s a horrendous situation to be in with nowhere to turn, no one to talk to and not knowing there is a next step. This is heart-wrenching listening to what people have gone through to reach such a low in their life, and it’s also so heart-warming to see those very same people get back on top of life again. My respect to you, and you all know who you are. • I also love working with people who have the ‘simple’ issues, whether they want to stop smoking, lose weight, overcome a fear (flight, spiders, etc), deal with some of life’s conflicts, etc. For many, once these are removed, they experience a new life and wondrous opportunities. • I’ve been independent for more nearly 30 years as a business advisor in the UK and Germany and one of my greatest kicks is seeing a successful start-up, a new recruit getting their dream job, a nervous person delivering a passionate speech in front of a large crowd, as examples. I love it when business contracts are won, audits are completed and the staff motivated and happy through strong management and leadership. I get a kick of showing these tools to those who want to break new business ground, AND been ethical about it too.

I just love seeing others experiencing success!