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There are two sides to personal improvement through coaching – past trauma and new life direction:

  • dealing with extreme and traumatic issues like PTSD (abuse, mental and physical trauma, surgery, accidents, etc), OCD, addictions, family/friend issues, grief and loss, etc and,
  • finding a new direction in life such as new hobby, mid-life crisis, relationship issues – finding someone or leaving someone, moving to a new city or country, etc. This also includes smoking cessation, dieting, allergies, fears (eg: flying, all phobias, uncertain circumstances, etc), personal improvement techniques, etc.

By removing these limiting beliefs, restrictions that were inherently developed very quickly through the use of some very powerful techniques that enables you to fully deal with that once restricting situation with full control and confidence, every day for the rest of your life.

Your only restriction is yourself.

Try this simple, yet powerful technique to help improve your personal improvement.

Please note: when dealing with severe past issues, the standard technique is either the ‘Phobia Technique’ or a ‘Breakthrough’. For PTSD, OCD, addictions, and similar situations, either of these powerful techniques are NOT suffice, nor may they be necessary!

Here at Changing Solutions, we offer you a more bespoke and complex coaching session with long term follow-ups (your session is specifically designed and structured to your needs) that enables you to re-enter your daily routine with the right mental tools and resources to get on with your life again. Please go to Q&A for more important information…

For the second point in coaching, we need to determine what package is best for you. In some cases we would recommend a Breakthrough session and others a more diverse and bespoke programme to give you the exact tools you need to go full speed into the life you truly deserve.

My Promise: as I say to all of my clients, if you don’t achieve what we agreed upon, then I will refund your money back completely.

Please review Q&A for further information or contact me and I will gladly help you.