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Here you can find related and unrelated information on NLP, hypnosis, cold reading, body language and the books I have written.


How I Changed My Mind: Describing a part of my life-journey in eliminating PTSD and its related issues through the use of psilocybin (psychedelics).

A Lot to LoseA light cycling story of Eddie and his challenge to beat one of his work colleague in a bike race. His only problem is he is seriously unfit. Can Eddie manage to get fit in time and win the race?

The Black Watch: the UK is falling apart where the current Prime Minister is forced underground. His Deputy takes over the running of parliament and with the help of his father introduces a new hypnosis programme on criminals. These converted criminals are allowed to patrol the streets and help the Deputy to catch the ‘disgraced’ Prime Minister, but who wins before the programme has the potential of expansion? All techniques described currently exist and are pretty much used on a daily basis. Not sure about the banned techniques I have discussed though! Part one of a trilogy in three parts.

A Fool’s MateA wonderful short story based around chess where relationships, pride, hurt and revenge all come into play. A riveting story for those who like a quick read.