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Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP – What is it?

NLP means simply Neuro-Linguistic-Programming where the title indicates the three most important points through the power of communication: neurology, language and programming. This relates to the dynamics between the mind and language and how they work together in affecting our behaviour and physical body.

NLP is powerful multi-dimensional tool where it influences the growth of our behavioural competences and appreciation of the way we see the world from our personal viewpoint. Many aspects of NLP are used daily in all areas of media, either intentionally or accidentally.

NLP is as powerful in a positive aspect as well as a negative weapon, either used on someone else or yourself. It helps to create the greatest leaders or belittle someone that completely removes your/their self-worth completely.

In our personal sessions I show you how to use these techniques powerfully to aid you achieve your issues, dreams and future goals to grow on a daily basis.

What does an NLP session consist of?

Depending on the type of session you need whether professionally or personally: We show you how to powerfully use language as a tool for getting the job done, whether it’s something as simple as to stop smoking or lose weight. To something more complex in winning an interview or business contract to leading a small/large team. Or something even more complex in restructuring your life completely and letting mild to disturbing past issues go to enable you to progress in a new direction altogether.

We also include techniques on how to enable you to restructure any difficult situation that allows you to keep in control of it, to keep ambiance correct and that if more people are involved, that enables a win-win for all those around.

Who is this for?

Both professionally as well as personally, this is perfect for counselling, coaching, sports training, psychotherapy, health, management, HR, sales, leadership, and many other areas. We show you how to use these tools to help you make the changes you need and then we show you tools on how to continue using for your everyday applications.


What is coaching?

I originally completed my coaching in the 1990’s as a life coach where the aim is to help the client focus on what they want and how to achieve it. The techniques used are still as powerful today and the results are astounding. Over time I have familiarised new coaching techniques and approaches in making our session even more powerful for those wondrous results. Within NLP you will find that most coaching techniques and strategies go hand-in-hand and I carefully select the right approach for your style and goals.

What does an Coaching session consist of?

Firstly, I want to know what you want and what is stopping you. Sounds easy, but some don’t know what is stopping them. Once this is determined, a powerful way forward is planned and once agreed, implemented. Usually coaching is used for longer term goals, however I find that by introducing coaching practices into the very first session that your goals are achieved quicker and with more powerful results.

Who is this for?

This is for anyone who wants to make a change in their life, business, sport, personal performance, etc. Even a simple challenge of giving up smoking has short and long term goals. There are two approaches to my coaching style:

  1. You need longer term regular coaching on a major goal – business set-up, career change, sport progression where each session focuses on a specific issue to be improved.
  2. You have gone through a major life change (eg through traditional Breakthrough) session, PTSD (I tend not to use a Breakthrough for PTSD – and it’s essential extra tools and techniques are shown for you to put that horrific and terrorising past experience behind you completely. Please read Q&A), abuse, major life incidents, etc. This is a really powerful change to your life where all my clients feel they have entered a new life and new body. The only problem is, they say, is they feel their inner self needed time to catch up so they can get on with their new life. (as an extra note; if you go through a Breakthrough, then I recommend you learn the extra tools and techniques to ensure your inner self knows how to deal with the change. In a traditional Breakthrough this is not done, but you will find it’s worth it and enables you to ‘hit the road running’ when you go back to your normal life). We follow regularly to make sure you are still progressing as planned (normally in a traditional Breakthrough there are only two extra sessions; I find it very important to follow up more often as I want to make sure you really are the new you and that you are hitting your goal).

Please go to Q&A for more specific information on Breakthrough and coaching as this is just an overview.