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behind every behaviour, there is a positive intention
Neil Holmes has more than a decade of NLP and hypnosis experience
Who am I?

My name is Neil Holmes and live in Bremen, Germany with my lovely wife, Larissa. My intensive experience exceeds 22 years of performance and life coaching and 11 years in NLP, hypnosis and Time Line Therapy. I use other related powerful techniques by working closely with many sensitive and life-changing subjects.

My Own Story

I, like you, have gone through several difficult steps in life to get where I am even before I was catagorised as DSM-5 from what happened in my past. This hindered me which I made many life mistakes that had immense challenges on my own journey. I fully appreciate the life hindering aspects of those who suffer from horrific experience(s) from the past and is important relating to your seemingly impossible challenges and situations. This drove me to learn how I can give something back to society.

Such past events can be life crippling, or they were for most of my life in my case which me to continually search for an answer since I was an early teenager. After many years of coaching (I felt something was missing) I discovered NLP, hypnosis, Time Line Therapy, (I am also trained in lie detection body language, and cold reading, but that came later in life), made me decide to train as an expert in these fields and specialising in PTSD, OCD, trauma, abuse, and life changing strategies. I know they work powerfully, I have used every tool available on my life to allow me to live my life to the full.

My other passion is memory techniques and love to improve my current best time of 5 minutes to remember a pack of cards. I also train students and professionals how to remember quickly and effectively for all diverse material. I also teach a really powerful language technique that allows me to learn and use on average 50 new words a day. This is great as after 12 years of living here, I now finally have a fully working system to learn new German words and the correct gender of nouns!

My Experience

I have collected most of my intense life-changing experiences working with group and private clients on a 1-2-1 bases. Some of these areas cover: cessations, fears and phobias, conflicts, PTSD, OCD, physical / mental abuse as an adult and/or child, dealing with loss of near ones for example, just to name a few. Most of my clients I have helped are either military or civil. Please click here (Q&A) for our more comprehensive information. The change is immediate – the rest is then down to you (with my support as you need it).

Through other techniques I have also helped students get straight A’s at school and university, improved language learning, material learning for exams and interviews, etc in a very short time. This includes focus, priority, memory and recall techniques just to name a few. The results are immediate – the rest is down to you in making this new thought process more permanent.

In working with professionals in showing how to assess and proceed with their professional situation whether it’s career change, mid-life crisis, unemployment or even setting up their own business and how to make the most of the time and situation you are involved in. Your direction is instantly clear – the rest is down to you in achieving it.

Although I am not the obviously athletic type I’ve taken professionals further up the ranks and amateurs to professional level in very quick time. Some techniques involve particular thought processes, getting into the zone, eliminating restrictive thoughts, assertiveness over the competition, etc. Results are immediate – the rest is then down to you!

I can help you

Please contact me if you think I can help you. Even if you are not sure, at least we can talk it through confidentially to see what is best for you at no cost. Each of my sessions will continue until you leave satisfied. I offer a free follow up if needed at no extra investment in your life.


I also give the promise of money back if I can’t show you how to deal with your problem in less than two sittings at most (based on personal assessment) if you have followed each of my instructions diligently. Remember, I do keep in regular touch with you to ensure you are fully on track until you have achieved your goal.

If English is a foreign language

All my sessions and courses are suitable for all levels of English, regardless of what is your mother tongue. I take all the time you need.


My second language is German. If you wish, we can hold these sessions in German, too.

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