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Drugs Without The Hot Air by David Nutt

Drugs: Without The Hot Air by David Nutt

I accidentally discovered this book when visiting family in England. At the time, I couldn’t find any reliable nor consistent information on what constituted to be a drug, what was a safe and dangerous drug, regardless of it being legal or not. This book answered all these questions and gave me great resources to look further into specific subjects.

And for those who know David’s history, he was once an advisor to the government until he mentioned that horse-riding was more dangerous than taking psychedelics. And he was right! The problem was that it put the government in a bit of a sticky situation regarding its stance against illegal psychedelics. If horse riding is more dangerous, do they need to ban the sport? And what about all those other legal drugs that are more dangerous than psychedelics, shouldn’t they be banned, or at least investigated, too? No, the easiest solution for the government was to throw him out of his advisor’s role and blame him for such stupidy, thus allowing them to bury all those other uncomfortable and embarrassing questions that could be fired against the government.

This book is highly worth reading as I barely scratch the surface in my book on what legal and illegal drugs do to us and how the government hides behind various excuses. If you like to drink a bit of alcohol, take medication or eat certain foods, then this book is certainly worth a read to know what they are doing to our health. David writes in a flowing style that makes this subject easy to understand, which leaves us asking why the government ignored his advice. He goes into great detail and statistics in how deathly these substances are and in comparison how safe and helpful psychedelics are to our mental health.