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Why is it that some people in this world know exactly what they want and how to get it? What do they do different? And even when we pay closer attention, they are not necessarily extrovert and outgoing. So, what do they know you don’t?

How do you see yourself?
Let me ask you another question: how do you imagine yourself? Do you see yourself and successful, organised, knowing your goals, etc? Maybe you hear continual support around you within your mind or a voice encouraging you nearby? Maybe you can smell or taste success at each stop you make towards your goal?

Or do you envisage yourself not quite getting there, where things go wrong and stop you? Or maybe you hear discouragement in your mind where that voice finds everything that can go wrong and you support it by justifying that voice. Maybe you are left with a bitterness afterwards when something fails yet again.

There are two types of people is this situation – those that can change that outlook and those that can’t. It sounds obvious, but if it’s so easy, what’s stopping millions of people from changing? However, let’s break these two groups up a little more:

Note: as you read these next sections, maybe you don’t know you are already following a very powerful and successful ‘mental’ technique. Hey, just wait a minute, you might say. How is a ‘mental’ technique so powerful when it’s stopping me from leading my life to the full? Simple, the technique is exactly the same – it’s your image, emotions, inner voice, etc of how you represent you is what’s different between those who succeed and those who don’t.

Do you have that inner voice that tells you what you are or what you are capable of?
Many of us hear that incessant voice telling us how useless we are, or that we aren’t able to achieve certain things in life. What’s even worse is when we attempt to do something, it tells us beforehand we’ll not manage it, remind us through that activity and gloats in being right after it goes wrong. But how do you control that voice and change it into something motivating and supportive? And is it possible? As with visualisation, if we can create a negative image of ourselves, then we can create a positive image of ourselves, the same is true for that voice.

What about that feeling of what your capabilities are?

Most of us also have that inner feeling of how capable we are, or how much love, etc we deserve. And as with above, we set those internal limits. So if we set restrictive capabilities, then we can deal with that restrictive doubt, etc and set out goals higher, more challenging and have a more enriching life.

So how long does it take to create a supportive voice, change those restrictive feelings and change that image into something powerful? Generally, as quick as you created it. In many cases, your negative voice was created pretty much in an instant, and then refined over the years, just like that image / inner feeling of you. It’s just that you have spent years honing it to hit your failure buttons accurately and effectively that makes up think we can’t change anything, but you can!

So, that means you can create a positive voice / image / feelings quickly and spend the rest of your life homing it to hit more and more of your success buttons for the rest of your life. And this we all deserve, don’t we?

So, which are you?
We are all born with more or less an equal chance in life, and through the way we are brought up and treated as children (generally) determines how we progress through life.

Those that can…
Generally speaking, those who have had a non-abusive childhood, with no serious trauma, can make significant and extra life-changing experiences through the vast array of books out on the marketplace and for many this is enough for a highly successful life. There are some that still use self-help books, but require a regular and new impetus to keep their progressive life ‘topped up’. This is great if there is something specific you need to improve, however, there are some really powerful active courses that show you how to change every aspect of your life more successfully.

And those that can’t…
Then there is the third group where their history was a little more traumatic and the memories of lack of self-worth, etc are stronger and more intense than the others. For these people, and to an extent, the next group, books are great reading, but the techniques provide either no or little help. A life-changing group (or individual bespoke) course is usually enough to crack that small nut that has been helps you to start living your live somewhat better than before.

The fourth category is sadly the ones who are missing the most out of life. No matter what they do, change or try, nothing seems to work, and life just seems to be against them. It really hurts me to meet these people for the first time as they are really losing out on the only life they have. However, their inner visual and verbal representation is so strong that general techniques found in books and group courses are simply not powerful nor accurate enough to crack that nut.

To date, there is really one powerful technique that works, and that is an NLP Breakthrough (in the US and UK this is highly recognised) session. Traditionally this lasts a whole day or two half days help one after another and it removes that major life problem(s) within that sitting. Examples are PTSD, OCD, trauma from surgery, assault, accident, etc.

But, after such a sitting and having that problem removed, many feel as though they are suddenly launched into another traumatic situation because practically all their previous defence systems have become obsolete and need to learn to react differently. For many, this can be too much of an emotional experience.

This is where a Breakthrough needs to be supported with a couple extra days of specialist NLP training to learn how to react with these new situations differently. It is important to realise thinking is now different, reactions are not the same and the end results are going in a completely different direction.

Not only that, there is a major new learning curve to get through. Many Breakthrough practitioners provide two follow-up sessions only. This just isn’t long enough. The option to have further sessions (at no extra investment) is important to deal with those new challenges that come up completely none expectantly and where new solutions are required and you need someone to talk to about them. Or maybe new scenarios are happening around you where you need new perspective on things and you may need a new tool/technique to help you deal with successfully.

So, when considering a major life-changing Breakthrough session, consider your practitioner’s ability to provide you with the right support. They should know intensively how to work through PTSD, OCD, and other extreme (level 5 and down) trauma to ensure the best route for you.

What course is best for me?
Naturally for the first three categories, a course gets you much more intensive results, quicker and more effectively than books or DVD courses. They work on your key points you may not be aware of when working on your own. Also, the other fantastic aspect is you take these amazing tools away with you for you to use as and when you need them in all situations in your life.

Who are these types of Excellence Courses suitable for?
Everyone who wants to make a difference within their life; maybe it’s to excel up the corporate ladder, to start a business to be creative, remove blocking points from the past, deal with fears, etc. We structure the course so you can design your life how you want it.

Does that mean I’ll never have another problem in my life again?
It’s the problems we have in our life that separate those who succeed and those who don’t. Such courses give you the techniques to succeed through those difficult times. Anybody can get through easy times, but not everyone can get through difficult times. We know in business, relationships, specific skills, that something extra is needed, this is where we show you how to find that extra something and how to believe you are the best in what you want.

Who offer such courses?
Other than myself that runs a regular and successful life-changing course with over 12 years’ experience, there are other companies offering similar training. What I do is take you that one step further in reaching your goals that leaves you highly focussed, driven and with clear an inspiring goals with tools for all occasions. I also ensure you get the benefits of working ethically in bringing the best out of others. And it’s the others (those around you) that accelerate your route to success.

What about the fourth category, what do they need to do differently?
If you think or know you are suffering from some serious trauma (PTSD, OCD, assault, accident, etc), then call me personally. We need to determine what has caused this trauma before working on it. Once we have removed this severe mental restriction, then we provide you with the tools you need to get on with your life on a solid day to day basis. After a period of time through regular living with no traumatic experiences, can you consider taking your life to this next stage. How long is required is determined on a personal review as each handles their trauma and way forward differently. For me, your first main step is to integrate back into the real world again (only a person who has suffered serious trauma will understand what I mean by that). Once you have managed that, then let me know and you are then usually category two or three and can drive your life as you wish…

If you have any questions, please ring or drop me an email and I will willingly help you.