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Doesn’t the term ‘Middle Aged Crisis’ sound horrendous? It sure does. I certainly don’t like it. It feels like a purposeful and nasty attack against me, my attitude and my once perceived immortality.

So, as Gail Sheehy did, let’s call it our ‘2nd Adulthood’ instead.

That’s seems a lot better, but there’s a lot of re-thinking needed about ourselves to make this work well for us? And why?

Because once we have ‘realised’ middle age either through family/friend/colleague death, marriage separation, loss of job, kids moved out of home, life reflection, etc, we tend to realise the biggest chunk of our treasured life has already gone. Puff! Just like that! And there’s no getting it back.

However, there is usually one of three directions we take:

  1. Give up and think there is nothing else left for us – essentially curl up and wait to die (~48%).
  2. Fight back and become mentally young, leave our partner, have affairs, etc and then when all goes wrong, we then tend to go to direction number 1 (~21% plus the 48% for those who then give up = ~69% of non-contented middle-agers out there – that’s a lot of unhappy people!).
  3. We realise what our life journey has been good/bad/challenging/easy/etc and reflect how we want to carry on with our new life – new goals, ambitions, independence, travelling, start that project you have always wanted to do, more other activities and enjoy the remaining days, months or years until our end comes (~31% that’s not a lot of contented 2nd Adulthooders in the world!).

Okay, so you are now somewhere in your ‘middle-aged crisis’ and want to start your 2nd Adulthood life, how long does it take to get there? For those who take a decision to change their mental overview in preparation for 2nd Adulthood, this can take from several months and up to 16 years (up to 16 years!, but by then, our next life phase is approaching old age and many have simply give up by then, and that’s a great shame.

So, how is it possible to make that change quickly and positively?

It’s possible to deal with this new phase in life and prepare the foundations in starting a new 2nd Adulthood within a week or two, but a lot of realities need to be faced and several new mental tools are required to take us forward. Naturally, flashbacks and other intense emotions crop up that could hit us hard as we age and it’s very important in knowing how to deal with them mentally and by having strong support available for those destructive moments.

Remember: the world is still your oyster, it’s now a matter of setting the priorities a little more accurately of what is really important to you and how to make the most of it, by been a person who lives life to the full, and the majority of this is done by mainly using mental techniques (that are easy to learn and implement).

Isn’t it better to live every day to the full by having new experiences and then suddenly your life comes to an end, or is it better to sit and wait, still not knowing how long you have, but regret not doing anything at the end?

On average, most people hit middle age around 45 years, for many, there are around 45 years more. For some there’s more, for others, less. The problem is, we just don’t know and who wants to sit and wait for another 45 years or so lifetime waiting for life to end? Not me, and surely not you.

Why not register and learn what to do with that crisis, and after a week’s eye-opening training, you have the foundation to take your life in the direction you wish, also you will have amassed resources and support teams to help you should doubts ever creep in again.

Again, which person do you want to be?

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