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Welcome to Changing Solutions…

… where I provide you, through intensive coaching, life changing tools and techniques to significantly increase and excel your personal and professional growth and dreams, overcoming your fears and doubts and truly becoming the person you are and deserve to be.

Living is your life to the full is a natural expectancy – go do it!


I offer personal and private coaching sessions in achieving your aims or relieving you of your historic problems using powerful coaching techniques paralleled with coaching through NLP / Hypnosis / Time Line, etc.:

Personal: Whether you are looking for new goals, challenges or you have a serious event that occurred in your past that is severely limiting you in reaching your goals or even simply daily events, then I can help you. You may have suffered serious trauma, here we definitely need to talk with each other first.

Professional: Maybe you want promotion, career change, suffer from mid-life crisis, or have new challenges you are not sure how to progress with, then I can show you powerful structures and processes.

Performance: Do you need to be better at your job, task, at home, etc, learn quicker, be more accurate, better time-management, be more driven and focused, then I can show you excellent techniques.

Sport: Is it time to turn professional, or to be number one in your field? Perhaps you are on the way there, but it’s not happening quick enough, then I can show you the mental techniques predominantly used in the US and in Russia.

Other: This is my fun side about my books I have written. This is a hobby of mine and I would feel honoured if you were to find my stories interesting and to leave wonderful feedback on Amazon.

Coaching Session Overview:

But first, before I go into all the technical details in a coaching session, we need to ensure all your past ghosts, doubts, restrictions and other negative restrictions, etc are completely eliminated. Why? Because I want you to be completely ready and free for the immense growth you are about to experience and be ready for the powerful change you are about to go through… I mean, why aim to be the top with doubts hanging over your head when your competition have already removed them?

Note: for those suffering from PTSD, I provide a special session designed specifically for you, and you only. A Breakthrough or standard coaching session isn’t suffice.

My Ultimate Promise on Your Life-Changing Experience to You:

My ultimate promise is to have you visit me only once for that key life-enhancing major change (that key session lasts from 1 hour to several days depending on what you need to work through to be completely free of any negative restrictions) so you can focus exclusively on those really powerful life-changing techniques in restructuring your life/career/future to how you really want it. If I need to ask you to come to an extra sitting, then it is completely free of charge. And if I still can’t help you after that, then I will refund you completely.

That’s my promise and guarantee to you! 

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